Brendan Tadler

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In our CC0 endeavor, we lay no claim to the rights of the design. Our CC0 line of Products are governed by a Creative Commons CC0 “No Rights Reserved” license, which means anyone can use the drawings to produce, sell, and layer upon. 

"Anyone could take our drawings, brand it with their company's name, experiment with different materials.. all to be used however one sees fit." 

We like to think of these products as a protocol or application layer for others to build upon. Ultimately, the genuine products and product ideas produced by Brendan Tadler are the originals, as proven by the publicly-viewable Ethereum blockchain, in which each of these will be minted.

"We don’t need product trademark anymore. In Web 2.0, it has become grey area as to who's design it is / was. Our thesis, it will only make our original products & ideas more valuable, similar to the way one sees Original Art vs. Reproductions.”  - BT

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