Marius Ritiu x Brendan Tadler / Brundchair

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Marius Ritiu x Brendan Tadler ®

Brundchair. A hand hammered sculptural chair, in an unfamiliar beautiful brutalist form. Piece is one of a kind, unique, finished in hand hammered verdigris copper, by the skilled hands of Marius Ritiu.

Produced by hand in Antwerp.

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About the Artist

Words from Marius:

My practice questions concepts such as nationhood, borders and nationalism, reflecting on global responsibility, collective consciousness, and citizenship, and suggesting the potential for immensely varied human experiences to unite. Instead of being celebrated, our differences are made into symbols and ideologies meant to divide; they are turned into borders. The perspective of those who’ve crossed a few is worth reflecting on and from, but it is the astronaut who is the true skeptic: no eye that looks ‘down’ on Earth from space can see such perverse dividing lines.

I consider myself not only a sculptor but also a storyteller, one who wishes to create somewhat open-ended tales, later finalized in the mind of the viewer.


Height: 42"

Width: 30"

Depth: 30"

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